I am Yet Learning

In the last few years of his life, Michelangelo wrote the words “Ancora Imparo” on the side of one of his sketches.  It means “I am yet learning”.

I love to learn.  About anything.  I actually enjoy sitting down with a math textbook and figuring out new math problems.  I could spend hours reading a book on political philosophy and still be hungry for more.  If you have read “Carry On, Mr. Bowditch” than you know exactly how I feel.  I can relate to Nathaniel Bowditch more than I can relate to nearly any one else that has ever lived on earth.  I am no mathematician, but his eagerness and drive to learn and expand his mind was insurmountable.

I have said before that I believe “a woman cannot reach her full potential nor can she wield the full influence of her power without an education.”

I started my family before finishing college, and the responsibilities of motherhood have kept me from completing my degree.  For years I lived with the stress and discouragement that accompanied the worry that I would always be uneducated.  However, over the years I have realized that a great education does not have to be earned within the walls of a formal institution, but can also be obtained in the comfort of home surrounded by loved ones.  Therefore, when I say “education”, I don’t necessarily mean in the form of a college degree.

I want to help other dedicated mothers realize their potential through their role as a wife and/or mother, not in spite of it.

To that end, I am launching a new website.

Yet Learning.com

I would love to wait until the site is “perfect” before I make it public.  But perfection continues to elude me, so I will pray that it is good enough for it’s purposes.  And since learning itself never really stops, neither will the improvements to the site.

At yetlearning.com you will find everything from recipes and sewing tutorials to personal encouragement and book reviews.  There is also something called Mom U.  The purpose of Mom U is to help women (and anyone else) to learn to love learning and in the process become better persons, wives, mothers, and teachers; and also to help women feel more fulfilled in their chosen role.

Mom U is a place for women who want to further their education.  There you will find links and resources for topics from cooking to ancient history, fitness to political science.  And you will find them at every level.  Whether you are reading to children or researching your master’s thesis, there will be something for you.
Not enough time for Mom U?  That’s ok, check out the Book of the Month.  It’s not really a book of the month, but more of a book of the “how ever long it takes me to finish”.  
At both Mom U and the Book of the Month we invite you to post about your thoughts on the material on your own blog and link back so we can all hear your thoughts.  If you don’t have a blog, just leave a comment telling us your impressions of the book/books.  This is a way for us to connect, fellowship one another, and benefit from one another’s perspectives.

We have just a handful of authors so far.  We each have different strengths and passions.  Some of us homeschool, some of us do not.  Some of us are highly politically charged (**cough** I won’t say who) some of us are not.  Some of us love to cook and eat tasty yet not so good for the hips meals, some of us prefer the healthy.  Some of us love to exercise some of us don’t.  Some of us have a lot of experience and know-how with natural homeopathic remedies, some of us have Western Medicine on speed dial.  Some of us are highly sarcastic, some of us are much more… less sarcastic (name that paraphrased movie).  There is something for everyone.

My primary goal with yetlearning.com is to encourage each other to learn truth, enrich our family lives, find personal fulfillment, strengthen our faith, and help us connect with one another.

I was almost 30 when I decided to become a self-educated woman (and to put it in perspective, I turned 30 about nine months ago),  and I started with books that most people would consider children’s stories.  I fumbled my way through the start of an extremely fulfilling educational path.  Over the last decade I started and stalled too many times to count.  We just hope that we can help anyone who may be at the beginning of their educational journey avoid the same mistakes we did (like starting out with Shakespeare).

To be perfectly honest, this site is not for you if you are hostile to religion and family.  All of the authors thus far are devoutly Christian mothers.  We welcome those of all faiths and family situations,  but are not going to censor our beliefs just because some people don’t share them.  We are also conservative.  So if you have liberal leanings, our occasional political commentary may do nothing but upset you.  We are not setting out to offend anyone, but differing opinions are a reality.  So unless you can hear what we have to say without reacting with volatile and hateful rhetoric, you may be better off not reading it to begin with.  Otherwise, we’d love to hear from you.  We are all open-minded women.   However, being open-minded doesn’t mean that we believe that “anything goes”.  There is such a thing as truth.  We will proclaim truth from the mountaintops and shout down evil when it rears it’s ugly head.

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