August 28

I promise to post a picture of the socks

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But not right now. I am outside with my children enjoying some of the last few hours of sunlight we have left to this season.

This morning after prayers, song and scripture, the girls wrote in their journals. Then Lucy did a couple Matt worksheets (Emma didn’t because it took her FOREVER to trace over her dictation.

Then we learned the pledge of allegiance. They are SO ready to move on to the next subject. So am I for that Matter. Next week? Cells!

After two hours of school we called it quits. The kids have been so good this week. So I planned on taking them to the park to play… then I realized Matt took the van and I didn’t feel like rearranging the Jeep to accommodate the car seats. So they are riding bikes while I bask in the pleasant warmth of the sun. Well, Spencer is riding. Lucy is pretending to widdle (using another stick as a knife) and Emma is watching her.

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