I'm so excited!

I ran with a friend from church this morning. She’s new to running so it’s nice not to have to worry about slowing anyone down. It won’t be too long before we are running without having to stop to walk.

Yesterday the kids and I walked to Matt’s office again and we all walked home together. Traffic was bad so we didn’t get to talk much (which was the whole point). But it was a four mile walk, that certainly burned some calories.

I’m so excited! I asked Matt if we could make a backyard and he agreed! This fall He (with some help from me when we get sitters) will clear out all of the overgrowth and brush (and broken beer bottles etc.) that are in the woods behind our house. We will clear up to the property line, take down a bunch of trees and level the soil. Then this winter he will finish the basement and come spring we will put down sod and put up a nice fence. We’ll have a good size private backyard that we can fill with things like trampolines and playgrounds. The kiddos can go outside and play and get exercise. Right now there isn’t anything for them to do but dig in dirt. You can imagine how much I love that. And Emma (who has the most energy) can’t be left outside without an adult because she wanders. This is a huge project but it will solve that problem and increase the value of our home so that when we sell (which we wouldn’t have to do nearly as soon when we have a yard) we can get big bucks! I was afraid that Matt wouldn’t like the idea of all of that work, but he thinks it’s a good idea too. I can’t wait!

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