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I'm sure it means nothing. Nothing!

Is anyone else concerned that the president of Iran has met with leaders from China and former Soviet nations to form an alliance against “The West”?
But I wouldn’t worry.  I’m sure it means nothing.  I mean, the alliances on Survivor never mean anything, so why would an alliance of this kind mean anything.  Besides, I’m sure he didn’t mean the U.S or Canada.  Or England for that matter.
On a totally unrelated note.  The administration just ordered a 400 billion dollar cut in defense spending.  And I say good riddance.  Those darn soldiers and veterans make out like bandits at the expense of the rest of us and do absolutely nothing in return, the lazy dopes.
**On the off chance someone is dumb enough to take this post as an indicator of my true feelings, it might be a good idea to look around the rest of my blog to see where I really stand.**

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