I'm Thankful For…

  • A compassionate and understanding midwife (who just came to visit me bearing a home made photo album for my boy
  • my new friends who are watching my other children (something that will earn them each a cheesecake of their own)
  • Stadol (wonderful, wonderful Stadol) that allowed me to sleep while my contractions were two minutes apart even though there was no change in my cervix for EVER.
  • Combine Stadol with a warm shower while sitting on a birthing ball… HEAVEN!
  • A husband who helps me drag my IV tower around with me while I pee
  • An unreasonable and over whelming desire to have this baby in the hospital WITH an epidural in spite of having my last three naturally (two of them at home)
  • Deciding to be induced early (at 38 weeks 5 days) and thus take advantage of the four day weekend and get four more days of paternity leave for Matt (which it looks like I will really need).
  • my epidural
  • having my epidural BEFORE said compassionate and understanding midwife broke my water
  • the thought to keep checking me due to absolutely crazy amount of amniotic fluid and pulsing gushing of said fluid
  • being already numb from the belly to my legs when my midwife discovered his prolapsed umbilical cord
  • having had my epidural so recently that I couldn’t feel my contractions, but I could still move my legs so that I could get on my hands and knees to keep my boy in long enough to get us to the O.R.
  • for the midwife and the nurse who pushed my boy’s head away from the cord and back into my belly thus keeping his oxygen supply in tact
  • the timing of the discovery of the prolapsed cord (the anesthesiologist hadn’t yet left the parking lot of the hospital on his way home, and the surgeon was only halfway home when he turned around and came back which was why my boy was out of me so quickly
  • my anesthesiologist
  • my surgeon who got my baby out in two minutes (whom the other doctors were praising behind his back without realizing I could hear every word
  • for the nurses who were able to get my boy’s heart rate up to where it needed to be and to get him breathing
  • whatever drugs they gave me for the nausea when I was getting sewn up
  • a crying, screaming baby
  • a husband who stayed with our screaming baby since he wasn’t allowed in the O.R.
  • the nurses who cleaned me up after my legs finally numbed up (and continue to clean me up as he healing process unfolds)
  • the WISE and thoroughly enforced hospital policies that do not allow me, under any circumstances to get out of bed for 24 hours, regardless of how well a delusional and numbed up post op woman says she feels
  • the Demerol that a nurse who moonlights at another hospital suggested to relieve not only my pain, but also my uncontrollable shaking that had started Friday night
  • nurses and a husband who help me turn over in my bed because I can’t move my torso at all (not because of pain, but because of weakness)
  • a baby boy who started to calmed down as soon as his mama gave him some skin on skin therapy
  • a baby boy who, a few hours after skin on skin, realized that it WAS possible to be awake and not upset at the same time
  • a baby boy who after this last discovery, decided to give nursing a try again and decided that life wasn’t so bad after all
  • a baby boy who seems to not need his oxygen tube when he’s hanging out with mom
  • a baby boy who is just as enamored with his dad as his dad is with him
  • my catheter… gross I know, but I haven’t had to worry about a full bladder once since yesterday morning and it’s great (full bladder = more cramps).
  • a husband who brought me fruit snacks and Cheetos’
  • ice chips and jello
  • not having uterine cramps at the same time that my incision burns
  • Nancy and Jerry coming to help in just over a week, since apparently I’m going to need help longer than I thought I would
  • being induced early (it deserves mentioning twice), because the boy started pooping the second he hit air… as it was, my water was nice and clear and just what was expected and healthy… a few minutes later it wouldn’t have been.
  • the Lord who looking out for us every step of the way, and knowing what was going to happen before it happened and prepared the way for my boy to survive the horrible ordeal of his birth, which if it had happened any other way or place, would have resulted in his death

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