I'm too old for this

Matt took the day off today so that he could take me to Bangor to get my wisdom teeth out. We got up bright and early, piled the kiddos in the car and drove the hour to the Bangor office. When I got there they told me I was supposed to go to the Ellsworth office. I was not happy because they told me that I had to go to BANGOR. So we all got back in to the car and drove to Ellsworth. They got me right in and knocked me out. Matt got to watch because he is a fellow dentist. Apparently there were a few complications, I kept trying to wake up and had a hard time breathing at one point and I guess my bottom tooth was HUGE and it took forever. A surgery that Matt thought would take 20 min ended up taking an hour. Matt said that I was joking with him, saying I was all doped up, shaking my finger at him when he made a smart alack comment… but I don’t remember any of it… which was what I wanted πŸ™‚

I vaguely remember them moving me into the recovery room. It took about 45 more minutes for me to wake up all the way. Matt needed to help me in the bathroom (all the IV fluids). The weirdest part? Not just being in a wheelchair, but knowing I NEEDED it. The worse part? Spencer freaking out in Walmart so we couldn’t wait to fill my prescriptions. The best part? The guilt free milkshakes πŸ™‚ I can barely eat anything solid. It gets stuck in my throat, and I hate not being able to feel half of my face.

And even though my body is still pretty sluggish and tired, my brain is fine. So guess what I will be doing the rest of the day? DESIGNING! Yea!!!!! Since all I can do is sit anyway. Awesome!

Oh, and the all time best part? It was FREE! Thank you dentist husband.

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