It's a contest!

In general life has been pretty boring these days. And how do you deal with two girls who think everything is a competition? You turn everything into a competition… “Lets have a contest to see who can be the quietest… sweetest, most helpful, most reverant…” It works too πŸ™‚ Our car rides have been much quieter.

Well, I didn’t make it through the second round of the Funky Teacher’s Pet program πŸ™ but I can still participate and improve my designs, which is a great thing!

Here is my new kit. It is an expanded version of my Twitster Freebie. I have revisited the origional papers and element, so it is now bigger and better. You can get it HERE.

And here’s a qp for you πŸ™‚ Get it over at SKITTLES. And just out of curiosity, do you prefer quick pages or minikits for my freebies?


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