It's Conference Time

This morning I tried to get my kids excited about Conference. I think the cinnamon rolls helped. I thoroughly enjoyed the first session. I especially liked Elder Hales talk. It was one of those great talks that really inspires you but also pokes at your conscience a little bit.

Soooo I decided to postpone my laptop for another year or so. What with all that I do on it, my poor imac has been especially sluggish for months. And our warranty just expired. I had just managed to convince Matt that it was a good idea. Then I woke up this morning, turned it on… and VOILA! It is back to normal speed! Not only can I type without the painful delay, but Matt and I actually watched a YouTube movie WHILE photoshop was open! AT THE SAME TIME!!!

Anyway. I know many of you may think this is a seriously strange and shallow thing… but I really think that we have been blessed to have our computer not be sick anymore. We really want to get out of debt and designing really does help my sanity. But an extra few thousand for the right computer for me would not have been very “Gazelle” of me. So I told Matt that I could wait at least until our computer is permanently disabled, or at most until I get pregnant.

By the time the second session rolled around, Spencer had hidden the remote control and Matt had finally called, and Spencer had a diaper rash and wanted a bath… so I figured I’d watch it later since it’s recorded.

Matt came home from Guard about 5, read to me for a bit, took a small nap, and left for the priesthood session. He’s going to leave at 5 am again tomorrow. BUT he came home and told me that rumor has it that DAVE RAMSEY is coming to the air force base in Bangor! AAAAAHHHHH! I don’t know for sure if it’s true, it may just be the FPU course, but they said he was going to be there. Either way, I’m game ๐Ÿ™‚

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