It's fixed!

Well we got our computer fixed this morning. Living an hour from everything is pretty convenient sometimes. It’s nice when I need my computer fixed, they come to me instead of me having to take it in.

I’m still painting like mad. In fact, I’m repainting the entry way. I like the hall color much better than the entry way (which I have always hated). Matt can tell there is a difference, but he doesn’t think it looks any better or worse. Just goes to show what he knows ๐Ÿ™‚

I woke up several times in the middle of the night with painful contractions. My first thought was “oh crap, it can’t happen now! I’m getting my computer fixed in the morning!” And tomorrow is my baby shower. He can’t come until that’s over.

I do think I’m in very early labor though (you know, the kind that can last for days). I’m having a lot of painful contractions, but nothing so bad that it keeps me from getting my house clean. And they are pretty irregular. But I really don’t know if I’m having any more than I was before. They might just be getting my attention now where as before I only noticed one out of ever five.

Martha will be here on Thursday to help me with the girls. Maybe he’ll come then, so that I don’t have to find someone to watch my girls. Wouldn’t it be nice if he was considerate enough to think of that?

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