It's Starts

We had the Elders over for dinner last night. They brought a white board for a lesson they wanted to give us after dinner (and then gave us the white board afterwards). While they were sitting on the floor, my ever so sweet and affectionate (and I mean AFFECTIONATE) four year old daughter crawled up into Elder William’s lap and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Elder Williams promptly said thank you and then Emma crawled off of his lap. I told Emma that she wasn’t allowed to kiss missionaries. Then she slunk onto the couch and quietly started to well up. Never in the almost five years she has been alive has she ever been told that she shouldn’t kiss, hug, snuggle, cuddle or snouch anyone that she pleased. And Emma so loves to kiss, hug, snuggle, cuddle and snouch more than any other person I have met in my life. She can always be seen on her teacher’s lap, or snuggling with her favorite person at the moment. And is ALWAYS asking “Mommy can I cuddle with you?” It’s in her nature and how she communicates. This sudden explanation that it was not appropriate was too much for her little heart to bear.

I quickly snatched her up and nuzzled her neck and whispered that she wasn’t in trouble but that missionaries weren’t allowed to get kisses because they had to think about Jesus. She cheered up because it wasn’t her fault, missionaries were just freaks of nature.

She didn’t kiss him at all the rest of the night, but did stare at him and selected him to say the closing prayer, at which point Elder William’s ever reddening face eventually combusted.

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