Jack Jack and Me

Spencer was a very hard baby.  Spencer is a VERY hard toddler.  So it’s quite understandable that Matt and I were very nervous when we learned we were having another boy.

I know, I know… every child is different.  But not only did we only have Spencer to compare him too, but Jack was also very active in utero (just like Spencer).

Then he screamed for the first four or five hours following his birth (once they got him crying…).  That didn’t help.

But after a couple hours of his screaming, he seemed to come out of the drug induced confusion and opened his eyes for more than a split second.  I could tell he was more alert and I tried nursing him again.  He took to it like a duck to water.

Ever since then, he has been my mellowest baby (and that includes Emma, who was an angel).  He wakes up two or three times a night to nurse.  When he is awake, he just looks around, taking it all in.  He only cries sometimes when we change his diaper (those wipes are cold).

When he doesn’t like something, he just wiggles and grunts.  When he’s hungry, he wiggles and grunts and roots and eats his blanket.

I love my boy.

I’m doing a little better. Thursday morning I was able to get up and go to the bathroom without having Matt help out of bed and with every bathroom break I took during the day, I walked less and less like a child two stepping it down the stairs.

Yesterday I got my staples out.  OUCH!  My best girl Cherie watched the big kiddos while Matt took me to the dr.  Most of them came out ok, but there was one or two that just did not want to come out.  Under normal circumstances, my OB would have used a running stitch under the skin that devolves, but he didn’t have enough time to shave and otherwise”prep” my belly before he cut into me, so he didn’t really have a choice (for those of you who were wondering why he used staples instead of stitches).

After my apt yesterday, Matt took me to our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch.  Jack was oohed and ahhhed all over.  We were going to run some errands, but I was tired and sore, so we went home instead.

Our trip to Walmart can’t be postponed any longer though.  We’ll go later today.  But right now Matt is cleaning and organizing the garage and I’m not about to tell him to stop.

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