August 14

Jack's Vocab

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Matt and I are slowly but surely trying to help Jack expand his vocabulary.  As it stands now, at 2 years old he says

  • Mom (Bob)
  • Dad
  • Hi

Everything else comes out as “Da”.  Unlike most children who are late to talk (from what I have heard anyway) Jack is a very vocal kid.  His hearing is fine and he “talks” non-stop.  He just doesn’t say anything.  He loves to try and mimic animal noises, but when it comes to human words, it always comes out “Da” in the appropriate number of syllables.
I ordered the book Let’s Talk Together – Home Activities for Early Speech & Language Development last week and got it in the mail last night.

After looking through it before bed I am really hopeful that this will help get him on his way!  It looks perfect, starting with simple vowel sound games.  I can’t believe that I have to put my 2 year old in “school” but it is what it is.  Honestly it’s really just play for him, but I school for me because I have to schedule it into our day like school for the rest of the kids.
If we don’t make much progress in the coming weeks I will end up having him evaluated for speech therapy but I want to see what I can do at home first.  If I can avoid dragging my brood to the speech therapist once a week I would love that.  The way I see it, the work I would do with him at home is where most of his progress will be made anyway.  A Speech therapist is only there to introduce the games and activities and teach them to me.
Before I got the book, Matt and I have been working diligently with him to say “please”.  We don’t really need the actual word “please”, we just would like something different from “da” and consistently used in the place of “please”.
This weekend we got it!  And it’s the cutest thing you have ever heard!  By the way, the “Da, Bob” at the end is “Thanks, Mom.”

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  • He is awfully cute!
    The nice thing about getting him evaluated now is that the therapists come to your house. (at least in most states) Early intervention, under 3, is so great. We have had a much harder time adjusting to the speech through the school district. If he makes animal sounds that is a good sign and having a few words.
    Thanks again for your words of encouragement.


  • I see that this post is a few months old, but my daughter was the same way! Except her sound of choice was doot. At 24 months she had about 6 words and everything else was doot, said in the appropriate number of syllables. She was incredibly expressive and you could understand everything she was trying to say. I was a little worried but figured I would give her a little more time. This was in September 2012. By this December she was speaking consistently in 3 to 5 word sentences and I’m not sure if I even know how far her vocabulary has expanded. I can’t keep track! Whatever it was, something clicked! Hope your little one is doing well.


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