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Kid Book Review – Mrs. Piggle Wiggle

I LOVED Mrs. Piggle Wiggle!  It is the story of a jolly widow who has no children of her own but can cure any behavioral ailment.
As I read the chapter titles (The Won’t Pick Up Toys Cure, The Answer Backer Cure, etc) I thought that not only would the children get a kick out of this, but that I might learn some good ways to cure some of my own children’s behavioral ailments…  I was wrong.
While the book was wonderfully funny (not to mention how lovely you feel when you speak in such an old fashioned way), the cure’s themselves were beyond ridiculous that there isn’t much chance of it working in real life.  My all time favorite chapter was “The Answer Backer Cure”.  I laughed so much that Lucy could hardly understand me, Matt had to plug his ears so he could read his own book and I’m pretty sure I snorted more than once. 
This one is DEFINITELY one book you will want to read to your kids.

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