July 19

Kid Book Review – Mrs. Piggle Wiggle

I LOVED Mrs. Piggle Wiggle!  It is the story of a jolly widow who has no children of her own but can cure any behavioral ailment.
As I read the chapter titles (The Won’t Pick Up Toys Cure, The Answer Backer Cure, etc) I thought that not only would the children get a kick out of this, but that I might learn some good ways to cure some of my own children’s behavioral ailments…  I was wrong.
While the book was wonderfully funny (not to mention how lovely you feel when you speak in such an old fashioned way), the cure’s themselves were beyond ridiculous that there isn’t much chance of it working in real life.  My all time favorite chapter was “The Answer Backer Cure”.  I laughed so much that Lucy could hardly understand me, Matt had to plug his ears so he could read his own book and I’m pretty sure I snorted more than once. 
This one is DEFINITELY one book you will want to read to your kids.

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Courtney Ahroon

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  1. courtney – i'm a friend of your sister, lyndsey.

    i must say – i LOVE mrs. piggle-wiggle as well! my mother would read mrs. piggle-wiggle to me everynight. one night – up until she was called; the next night – the cure. fond memories for me, and ones i hope to pass on to my children. my original paperbacks are in tatters (but still remain on my bookshelf). thank heaven for new hardcovers. if you haven't read them, also try: 'mrs. piggle-wiggle's magic' and 'hello, mrs. piggle-wiggle'. 'mrs. piggle-wiggle's farm' is also an option, but not a personal favorite of mine.

    and – i should add that in my home, the reading of mrs. piggle-wiggle did aleviate several behavoral problems. all my mother had to do was say, "do i need to call mrs. piggle-wiggle?" crisis managed. worked every time.

  2. I grew up with these… my mother tried to sell them at a yard sale and I stole them back. I was so glad I did when my girls started reading because they loved them. We read them out loud, too, and they thought they were so funny! A great series.

  3. We have way too many weird similarities! We just finished Mrs. Piggle Wiggle and are on to Gooney Bird next- too crazy.

  4. Ahh, Sonlight, of course! We LOVE Sonlight, especially for their great book lists. We used to do Sonlight completely for school, now we keep the books and materials as resources for use with the TJed approach (all inspire not require).

  5. Hey guess what I had to send my shoes back for the same problem, I hope that it isn't a problem with all shoes. I hate my running shoe to, so I am actually running barefoot! How long have you been running in these shoes?

    {sorry this has nothing to do with your post :}

  6. Thanks for the book recommendation and review!

    I found your blog through LDS Homeschooling and have been enjoying it the last few weeks.

    You have a beautiful family and have lots of fun:-)!

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