All within one 10 minute period, Spencer broke the plastic hangers that were holding up our “cubbies” by pulling on them, Lucy found a half completed (and well intentioned) project which I have no intention of finishing and demanded to know when I was going to finish it, and Emma managed to discover the hiding place for our thumb tacks.

Each intervention was followed by a wailing and gnashing of teeth. Then a quick transition to the next order of destruction.

Spencer found a bouncy ball and started throwing it around the living room. This is not a small bouncy ball, this is the size of a soft ball and is filled with water and glitter so it is has some momentum behind it when it is thrown.

Emma found the broken hangers (Spencer’s former handy work) and proceeded to defend herself with them from the vicious attacks of the walls and piano.

Lucy plopped herself in front of the Hannah Montana movie that we have to return this morning and proceeded to dig for vast amounts of gold. And while I appreciate the temporary reprieve from Lucy’s special brand of chaos, I am in full preparation for the bloody nose which is bound to result from said activity.

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