Labor Day

Last night, in tears, I begged Matt to please get up with the girls this morning so that I could sleep until I woke up on my own. After a three weeks of almost no sleep with no “catch up day” I spent yesterday as a zombie. After spending the day as a member of the walking dead, by the time we were on our way upstairs I felt like I was going crazy. I couldn’t think straight and I swear the rooms were dancing in front of my eyes.

I woke up this morning after almost 11 hours of sleep (broken, of course, by a squawking Spencer). I felt wonderful and rested. I went right out the door for a run before I could talk myself out of it. I downloaded the “Biggest Loser” cardio workout and did it for my run. It was the first time that Sophie was just as tired as I was when we got back. I also did the “Biggest Loser” strength workout, but I didn’t like it as well as my regular weight training routine. So I’m going to go back to “Lean, Long, and Strong”.

When I got home the house was almost completely destroyed. Lucy and Emma had turned the living room into a pit of destruction and I realized that in my half dead state I had let the laundry pile up to an unhealthy level. But, as I slept so well last night, I was able to handle it very well and after only 1/2 hour, both are now under control.

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