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Let me explain… no let me sum up.

The sun has returned!! Monday morning, I awoke bright and early with my Emma at 6 am. Instead of pretending to be asleep so Matt would get up with the kids, I got up and fed them all breakfast. Then I piled everyone into the car (jammies and all) to run to the dump and deposit a check at our bank.

After the garbage was successfully disposed of (not a chore I enjoy doing) I pulled up to the drive through at the bank only to realize that I was at the wrong one (yes we have about 5 bank accounts we use regularly).

So we drove back home, I woke Matt up (as it was about 9 now) and we went to Ellsworth to depot the check into the right account.

After that, we went to the SeaCoast Fun Park. We bought season tickets on a whim this year and are really glad we did it! They have miniature golf, go carts, a big trampoline, a pool and waterslides. We parked ourselves by the pool until the slides opened. Matt and I took turns going down the water slides (the kids are too little). We were there for about an hour and a half (long enough to bake my face and back) when we dried off and went on the go carts.

Yesterday I spent the morning going through clothes that my kids have grown out of. We recently decided to pitch them all (except special ones). I emptied 9 plastic bins of various sized into trash bags and gave 4 of them (girl clothes) to a friend. I’ve just outfitted her baby for the next 6 years. It was pretty stupid to keep them all, since I always buy more anyway whenever I’m pregnant, what is the point?

Then I drove to Bucksport to go to the dentist. I wouldn’t normally say so, but I have a SERIOUS crush on my dentist (so I guess it’s lucky I’m married to him). He pulled Lucy’s loose tooth and I was supposed to have some inlays seated, but one didn’t work. So I’m going to have to go back in a few weeks. I was his last patient of the day, so we drove over to Fort Knox and the observatory. It was pretty neat. The girls kept calling it a castle It’s amazing what they were able to build so long ago without power tools.

Today Lucy had a friend and her little brother over to play. It was so nice. She is Lucy’s age and he is almost 3. It was the first time in weeks I haven’t been pulling my hair out with Spencer. What a nice break!

Well, I didn’t work out yesterday, so I’m off to go sweat like crazy before dinner.

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