Life Saver

So when we were driving from Maine, we spent our days trying to convince the kids that it wasn’t time to stop yet for the night and trying to avoid McDonald’s Playplace’s (wouldn’t eat and couldn’t get them to leave).

One thing that we discovered from pulling into hotels past everyone’s bedtime is a wonderful thing called Phineas and Ferb.  It was something we discovered on the Disney Channel while I was trying to occupy the kids so we could get our luggage inside.

It didn’t take long to for all five (yes FIVE) of us to become completely enthralled.  While I’m not a fan of children demanding TV at all hours of the day, our options are quite limited these days.  When 7 AM rolls around we hear the pitter patter of little Spencer in the living room and the girls rolling out of their foldout bed to turn on Phineas and Ferb.  It’s also on most evenings, where I will find Spencer, sitting still for the first time that day, cuddling with his dad, who is also glued to the TV.

While I’m not as addicted as everyone else seems to be, I’m also really entertained by the cartoon.  It’s really funny.

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