Look at my garden grow!

Today I used lettuce and basil from my garden for dinner. The lettuce was so green and tender and the basil smelled so good. Lucy thought it was really neat eating from our own garden. I highly recommend square foot gardening for anyone. After the initial expense and hastle of building the boxes and mixing the soil, it is virtually maintenance free. I water it maybe twice a week (maybe) and there are almost no weeds to pull. I’ve had it for two or three months and I’ve only pulled maybe 10 weeds total. My beans and cucumbers are flowering and my corn is HUGE! But I didn’t realize that you needed at least three corn stalks to get any ears of corn, so the other two are quite a bit smaller. But they will catch up.

I used all of my lettuce today so I planted some more. I swear I’ll need a whole box just for the all lettuce we eat in this house.

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