January 9

Lucy's Big Day!

We had the great opportunity, not only to have all of Matt’s family present, but also to have Lucy baptized on Christmas Day.  Wearing the same dress that I wore.  Made by my mother’s own hands.

I don’t know why I expected her baptism to be perfect.  But I did.  Matt confirmed that he also expected a very reverent and spiritual family experience.
We were there for less then three minutes before Spencer walked into the water.  Within five he had spit into the font.
Then he and his cousin got into it during the confirmation so I didn’t actually hear more then the first few words.
Oh well.  It was great anyway.

I sure have a great family.

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Courtney Ahroon

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  1. Beautiful post. And I hear you about the little ones always adding a degree of, shall we say, “keepin’ it real” to the family baptisms. I love it, those things always make me giggle 🙂 GREAT family picture, you guys look awesome! Congratulations, Lucy!!! I can hardly believe you are 8 now!

  2. What a WONDERFUL day! I had no idea about Spencer and his shenanigans! Thanks for the heads up; duly noted! All of the pictures are so lovely and she looks darling in her/your baptism dress!

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