Make it stop!

My house looks like a bomb went off. We are 90% finished with our attic and so I took it upon myself to move all of our school stuff up there. A HUGE undertaking. My arms and legs are sore from carrying a thousand pounds of dead weight up two flights of stairs (over many, MANY trips). So since our school stuff is in chaos, we are taking the day off and making it up on Saturday (because we can do that ๐Ÿ™‚ If Heaven smiles upon me, I’ll be able to finish today.

On another note, after almost a week of not being sick to my stomach, 1 McChicken Sandwich was enough to make me swear off fast food for the foreseeable future. Odd how easy it is to eat well now, when the alternative is sickness instead of weight gain.

PS, I’m down 5 lbs and I’ve discovered I really like celery. And it’s pretty filling.

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