Miracle Maker {Review}

Every Sunday, after we’ve eaten and the babies have gone down for a nap, I look through my movie collection to find one that I will allow my family to continue to feel the Spirit that started during our Sabbath worship.  Last Sunday we sat down to watch Miracle Maker, the story of a small town, tainted by pride, poverty, and grief.  In Woodhaven, a pair of young lovebirds can’t marry because of an overprotective father, Christmas looks bleak as poverty abounds, and a little boy’s grief over his parent’s death cripples his relationships and future.  Everyone is in need of a Christmas miracle.  A desperate and faithful little boy prays for a Miracle Maker… and the Miracle Maker comes.

I’ve like Jason Wade since I saw him in 17 Miracles and his character in Miracle Maker is just as likable.  In this small, broken community, hope and love is found when the Miracle Maker’s presence allows the townspeople to look outside of themselves and find the peace that only service and selflessness can bring.  They also find the strength they need to stand up for truth and not allow the past to define the future.  Miracle Maker is a very sweet Christmas movie and I highly recommend it.


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