More of the same

This morning Brooklyn came over (a friend’s 18 year old daughter) to watch Spencer while I painted and painted and painted.  She’s home from college and got to see Spencer in his element for the first time.  She usually sees him in nursery where he is a timid, obedient little delight.  Today she got to see the crazy, silly, roaring, robot, wild little delight.

She read stories while I fixed the ceilings and painted over all of the wall paint that I got on the ceiling the first time.  The entry way, the living room, the bathroom, the bedrooms, the hallway.  Everything!  Crazy.  I should have done it right the first time, but I have a much steadier hand now (and a smaller brush).

Tonight I am going to paint the ceiling in the hallway (where the drop-down stair case used to be).  Tomorrow I am going to mud, sand and paint the ceiling on the downstairs stairway (more heights!) finishing painting all of the doors white and spray painting all of our doorknobs black (did you know that 1 black doorknob can cost $10 or we can paint every door knob we have for $6).

Matt has the day off tomorrow, so he will be installing a cable jack on the far side of the living room (so we don’t have a cable going through the middle of the room) putting carpet on the attic stairs, finishing a couple doors to the eves, finishing the baseboard molding in the attic and I’m pretty sure he’s got one more thing on his list, but I can’t remember what it is.

Fun for the whole family.

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