Munchkie Baby Slings

Munchkie Baby Slings can now be found at The Grasshopper Shop in Ellsworth and in Rockland Maine!

I went into The Grasshopper Shop yesterday on my way to Bangor. I left Matt in the car with the girls and hooked Spencer up to a sling (had to milk the cute factor). I asked for someone who made the purchasing decisions and he came out and I gave him the dog and pony show of how to use the slings. He asked how much, I told him. His daughter was there too, she has a five month old and said she paid twice as much for hers, so the price was right. Turns out that she owns the Rockland store. They each took six. I assured them that if they didn’t sell then I would refund their money. They are going to give it to the end of the tourist season. YEA!!! Now I have enough to open my account with the wholesale company for their minimum 5 bolt first order (no minimum for following orders)

I also had my first online order from etsy this week. This is a good week for Munchkie!

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