My Day

I can’t believe how productive I was today. I had some quality time with my girlies this morning after breakfast. I told them the story of Jonah. And then I spent two hours spit shining my upstairs while the girls played in their new rooms. The separate rooms are working out great by the way. I conquered Mount Washmore (laundry). Everything is not only clean but also put away. I swept all of the bathrooms up there and then vacuumed. Then I made lunch, and when I put the girls down for quiet time I did pilates and lifted weights. My downstairs leaves much to be desired, but that’s ok, the downstairs is what usually gets my attention. The best part is that the girls hardly watched any TV today.

I made pizza and bread sticks for dinner and I’m about to put the girls to bed and if Spencer allows, soak in a nice cool bath. If not, then I’ll hold him while I watch TV.

It’s amazing how some days I can get so much done and feel so great and how on other days I can’t get ANYTHING done. I wish I knew the key to good days all the time.

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