My Dr's apt.

I had a doctor’s apt this morning.  I was looking forward to going because I thought my water was leaking.  No, it’s not (I just must have much less bladder control than I thought!) Speck is also positioned head up at this point (which is why I’m getting a lot of kidney shots instead of feet in ribs), but they don’t worry about that until I’m about 36 weeks.  By the way, head in the ribs is just as painful as feet and much more difficult to shift out of the way.

Men and other people who can’t handle lady talk, turn away!

However, while I’m not dilating at all, I AM soft and effacing.  Which, at 32 weeks is not a good thing.  That doesn’t usually happen until the last few weeks.  My next appointment is two weeks from now and she really wants to keep an eye on it.  I told Matt what was happening and he said “Wow, he really IS trying to claw his way out!” which was the nice way to put the sensations I’ve been having lately.  Though in this case, kick his way out might be more appropriate.  The midwife said that if I have four painful contractions in one hour than I have to go to the ER immediately.    I guess we’ll see what happens in the next few weeks.  Speck must be more eager to join our daily family life than the other three were (I think it’s because of the Strider Bike), but he’ll have to hold on for another 4 or 5 weeks for me to not be freaking out about him coming early.

Scary part is over, you can look again!

His due date is either June 4th or 6th.  But technically he is considered full term by the middle of May.  Whatever that means.  All I know is that if he hasn’t come by June 7th (which is a Monday) we’re kicking him out.  Matt mentioned that he would rather me go into labor naturally because he likes the sense of anticipation and “Will today be the day?” that we get towards the end.  I, however, feel that the sense of anticipation is overshadowed by the sense of wanting to kill myself because I hurt so badly.  I’ve done it his way three times… now it’s my turn ๐Ÿ™‚  Epidural here I come!

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