June 6

My Favorite Things!

One of my favorite things to do is play with the pictures I take of my favorite kids. Aren’t they beautiful!?

After Matt gets home from work this afternoon, we will all be piling in the car and heading down to New Portland. We will be stopping at our friend Tara and Bob’s house for the night. After some chit chat, some coconut cream pie and some sleep, Matt and I will be continuing down to Massachusetts where we will spend one week at Vacation Village in the Birkshires. One blessed week of sleeping all the way through the night, playing tennis, swimming and whatever else we haven’t been able to do since we have had children. Our wonderful friends are going to watch our kids while we’re gone. Lucy and Emma are beyond excited to spend the week with their friends, and Spencer… well, he doesn’t get it. But there will be so much going on that he won’t even notice we’re gone.

I’m off for a second honeymoon. I’ll see you next Monday!

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  1. Oh how awesome!! I’m jealous. but maybe one of these days when I’m not preggo or nursing we can manage something like that. lol =]

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