My house stinks!

No really. It stinks! Not just in the “boy I wish we lived somewhere else” way, but also in the “what died in there?” way. Spencer’s room is almost unlivable. I don’t know how on earth it started or why it is still there. We have taken EVERYTHING out of his room. It’s completely bare, no dresser, no crib, no toys. I even cleaned out the closet. I shampooed the carpet. I smelled every nook and cranny of that room and can’t figure out where it is coming from. It smells like an old peanut butter sandwich. A giant one that gets bigger and grosser every day. I scrubbed the walls, I put baking soda on the carpet. Nothing. We can’t figure out what the problem is. We don’t know if it’s the walls (which doesn’t make sense because if it was, it would also be in the adjoining rooms wouldn’t it? We don’t know if it is the carpet (wouldn’t it have at least helped when I shampooed the carpet?). We don’t know if it’s coming from under the floor boards or what. We looked at Pergo at Marden’s yesterday, it’s not in the budget but I would gladly put it on the credit card just to get that nasty smell out. But we don’t even know if that will solve the problem. I’m going to have Matt take out the washer and dryer to make sure there isn’t a leak in the washer or warm, moist air from the dryer blowing into Spencer’s floor. But I have no idea how to fix it if that is the case. Thank goodness for our 10 year warranty on our house right? RIGHT?! Does anyone have any ideas?

Oh, yeah, and it is not the pets. Sophie doesn’t even go in his room and the first accident Katie had was a month ago and she went in the bathroom sink.

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