My Oh My

This morning I got a package from my mother. Inside it were a few dresses, a couple shirts and a small blow up pool for the kids. Lucy was so excited about the pool and promptly asked if she could go swimming. Since it snowed yesterday, I replied in the negative. She saw the bright pink shirt and asked if she could borrow it. Sure, I said, why not. Then she saw the dresses, some very nice dresses from my younger sister. Those I would not let her borrow.

Lucy is currently up in her room, in hysterics. She started the tantrum by pointing out that she didn’t get ANYTHING! Not true, I said, you got a pool to share. Not good enough, not nearly good enough. After placing Lucy in Spencer’s crib and insisting that she take a nap (at five years old she still has a hard time climbing out of a crib), I turned to Emma who had a look of wonder on her face (possibly because I had yet to yell at Lucy). I knelt down in front of her and said “That is what happens when you throw a fit, are you going to throw a fit?” She shook her head.

Apparently our FHE on “Things don’t make you happy, only family and people make you happy” didn’t really sink in.

It’s been 10 minutes, that girl is going to have no voice tomorrow…. cross your fingers ๐Ÿ™‚

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