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My Week in Review – And The Time Has Come

Sunday Jack was throwing up and had a fever.  Monday Spencer threw up all night long.  Tuesday everyone seemed fine so we ran errands.  Wednesday Emma threw up all day.  Thursday it was Lucy.  On Friday the bug made Matt take the day off of work.  Saturday it hit me.  And continued through today.

A week of vomiting following two months of stressed busy-ness has given me the opportunity to re-evaluate my priorities.

Here is what I do:
-homeschool my kids
-homeschool myself
-try to keep a clean house
-play with my kids
-feed my family most meals throughout the day
-write homeschool articles once a month
-make my own magnificent bread (recipe here)
-a myriad of other things that fill up the voids in my time.

As spring blooms here in the Southwest I am finding that I am increasingly resentful of the time that I am required to spend indoors.  Somehow (I don’t know exactly how) the life I have made for myself during the winter months has made it so that the few spare moments I have are sucked into the void.  I don’t have nearly enough time to do all of the things that I need to AND all of the things that I want (even though I already get to do a lot that I want).
Among other things, things I WANT to do but don’t have time are

-learn to play piano
-learn to play violin
-not be fat
-sing more
-prepare meals with more consistency and health
-exercise more (ok, at all!)
-have a better school schedule
-get outside daily

I have spent the last month trying to figure out what on earth I can drop.  My life is too busy.  So, sorry folks… the blog has got to go on hiatus.

I’m on blog sabbatical for the foreseeable future.

Courtney is out.  Peace!

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