Mysterious Ways

Well, I officially am glad that I didn’t go to Spokane this week. I got an email and a few phone calls this morning. My sisters and their families were evacuated due to wildfires in the area. Everyone is ok and they can go back home today. But it was hectic enough with out me and my three children. Not to mention that we couldn’t have afforded the hotel on short notice. The Lord knew that nothing short of a medical reason would keep me from my family. I am so grateful that He looks out for me and my family. I am thankful that my sisters and their families are safe and that their house is ok. I’m thankful that He helped me to be fine with not going to the reunion and I’m thankful that my brood wasn’t there to add to their stress. I’m also grateful that my ear, while still in bad shape, was the only think wrong with me and that it wasn’t more serious (broken leg, heart attack, nervous breakdown…).

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