Nesting and stuff.

Soo… I’ve been nesting.  It’s pretty bad.

Last week I woke up in a panic realizing that since I am having a baby in a HOSPITAL this time I need to like… pack a hospital bag and stuff.  In some ways I feel like a feel like a first time mom all over again!  I’m used to having a box of stuff that I need for the birth, but other than big blue pads and some high doses of ibuprofen, I never really had to worry about it.  If I needed a new shirt, I just grabbed one out of my closet. If baby had a blow out, his dresser is right there.  Pizza?  Just order it.  And the best part is sleeping in my own bed cuddled up next to my snuggly one when I’m more tired then I have ever been in my life.

But I’m not doing it that way this time.  Why?  Because my last labor was twice as long than the one before that and I spent two hours in transition, shaking and throwing up and I am DONE with feeling like my legs are being torn off by a team of horses.  Some women feel that each time it gets a little bit easier.  For me, each time gets a lot worse.  Not only that, but I’m done with feeling like I’m going to slit my wrists every day he stays beyond his due date.  My kids tend to overstay their welcome.  Every last one of them has.  This time, I’m calling in the big guns for eviction.

Anyway, back on subject.  I’m a little nervous about having my baby in the hospital.  I’m sure I’m driving my midwife crazy with all of my repetitive questions, but that is what she is there for, right?

So I woke up in a panic, looked up what I needed to take to the hospital made a list of things I didn’t have and went to Walmart.  I picked up a couple t-shirt nightgowns to labor and recover in (never had to worry about that before).  And newborn baby diapers (I forgot how tiny they are).  I pulled out all of Spencer’s old baby clothes from storage and put them in the wash.  Then I looked for my blankets and burp cloths.  I couldn’t find them anywhere and started to panic.  I swaddle.  I need receiving blankets!  The one’s that I had were 40 x 40 not 30 x 30 and I can’t find that size in the stores anymore!  And any I could find online were $10 PER blanket.  But I eventually found the boxes with both and those are being washed now.

Another aspect of nesting that I haven’t really had to deal with before (because my children were a little too young and I didn’t have to take it so easy) is the assignment of chores.  Our kids do have chores or jobs that I consistently ask them to do, but there isn’t much of a tracking system and they aren’t written down.  So we got out or “Financial Peace Jr.” kits that I bought just before we moved, and wrote down the chores and how much a week they get a week for doing that job every day.  They’ve been really good about doing them.  All I have to do is look at the chart, tell them what to do next and check their work when they are done.  Even Spencer gets in on the action, he doesn’t have a chart but he’s been cleaning his room all by himself since Friday.  And he does a great job (though it helps that I confiscated over half of their toys and put them back in storage because they couldn’t keep their rooms clean).

No sorting, no organizing.  Just put the toys in the toy basket.  Toys that we use for school need to be sorted, though.  It’s Emma’s job to make sure the animal toys and legos are where they need to be so that we can use them when we need to (it’s Emma’s job because she is usually the culprit in moving them from downstairs to upstairs to begin with).  She also makes sure the front room is clean and is the backup for Spencer’s room).  Lucy is in charge of most laundry functions, the backyard and the upstairs bathroom.

They both have “Mama’s helper” on their list, which means if I ask them to do something, even if it isn’t on their list, they do it.  They also have three empty spaces, which I decided today to use as bonus jobs.  So they get credit for going above and beyond.  Like this morning, I asked Emma to clean the front room and when she was done, she took it upon herself to sweep a little bit of the kitchen.  I think that should count.  Encourage giving 110% and all that.

We do pay them for these jobs.  They can make up to a certain amount a week.  If they don’t do one of their jobs that day, they don’t get paid for it.  They have their “Give, Save, and Spend” envelopes in their dressers and drew pictures of things they want to save for.  Lucy wants a flute, Emma wants a mermaid barbie.

Anyway, it’s going well, they have school work, they have a lot of jobs to do, but they also get to play outside for hours and hours every day so I figure I’ve struck a good balance.

On another note, I think Speck is realizing he’s been a bad boy by procrastinating the day of his repentance.  All three of my other children were obedient specks who dangled upside day from the day of our first ultrasounds.  This boy has been a lazy boy, hanging out head up for the last 8 months and realized that now it’s getting a little cramped and it’s going to be even harder for him to turn the longer he waits.  Yesterday he was squirming so much (and pretty painful on my end) that I think he managed to squeeze himself into the sidelong position (laying across my belly)  I’m much wider than I was the day before.  I just hope he hasn’t gotten stuck.  That position is a recipe for a caesarean for sure.  Not that his little feet dangling down and playing with my bladder and pelvis was good either.  But I’ll be completely honest.  While I would definitely prefer a vaginal birth, I don’t think that a caesarean would be the end of the world.  I have had three natural childbirths.  If something happens so that this one doesn’t work out as planned, then I know it will not be because I didn’t do what I was supposed to and it will only be because of the Lord’s will.

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