Not Quite Human

But almost… I think.

I am by no means beyond morning sickness yet.  But for the last few days I have felt almost human.  At least in the mornings (my morning sickness is all day but mostly at night).

I have started to see a hope of a light at the end of the tunnel.  Some days I even have heartburn instead of nausea.  A plus, trust me.

In fact, I am starting to be a little optimistic that I may not breach 200 lbs before he is born.  I should start to feel better right around New Years.  Perfect time to break out the workout videos and start eating pretending that I have gestational diabetes (which I don’t).

I’m not going to try and loose weight.  Don’t worry.  I’m not an idiot.  However there is absolutely no need for me to gain 45 pounds this pregnancy as like the last 2.  Lets not pretend that ANYONE needs to be almost 200 when they are pregnant.  And at least if I work out and eat well, the weight I will gain (even if it’s 45 lbs) SHOULD come off quickly and easily.  And by “eat well” I don’t mean the Freshetta freezer pizza I intend on inhaling for lunch today.

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