Ode to My Sweet!

I haven’t made a secret about the fact that I (purely by the intervention of God) married the best man that lives or has ever lived on Earth.  I know his birthday is still a month away, but here are just a few reasons why:

  • He makes me stop worrying about things I “need to get done” and makes me enjoy things like sledding and going to the beach
  • He knows how hard and time consuming being a Mom is and is perfectly happy if I only accomplish 2 of my 4 main goals of every day
  • He has the cutes crinkly eyed smile ever
  • He looks SO happy to see me in the morning
  • He’s a cuddly sleeper
  • He says things to me that are so sweet and loving that they shouldn’t be allowed (due to the onslaught of tears that follow)
  • He’s such a good dad and loves our kids so much
  • He is supportive in EVERYTHING I want to do
  • Sometimes he gets a concerned look on his face and I always worry that I’ve done something wrong.  Then when I ask what he is thinking about he always says something like “Just doing math in my head”
  • He knows how to tie a million different knots
  • He is ALWAYS misquoting movies and books and it’s SO cute!
  • I love his curly hair
  • I love his hair so short his hair can’t curl
  • He’s going to do an ironman triathlon with me
  • He appreciates my talents and hobbies
  • He got excited when I designed for the first time in months
  • He gets so excited about his watch
  • So many more things I can’t think right now because I REALLY have to pee!

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