Oh my feetness!

Well, blisters I was expecting. What I was NOT expecting was the gradual muscle soreness that started at the top of my foot near the ankle and slowly spread out and upwards throughout the day. No wonder people who run barefoot don’t get injured as much! Either their muscles are SO massively strong that nothing can hurt them, or they are so sore that they don’t actually run at all.

I didn’t even know it was POSSIBLE for ankles to get sore!

Anyway. I ran another 10 minutes today in addition to a 5 minute warmup. My feet were black from the dirt, and are still stinging from the blisters that are now on top of yesterday’s blisters. But it wasn’t as bad. Actually, the worse part is that the center part of the treadmill band gets pretty warm once I start running and the edges are much cooler. I would rather it all stay cool. The cool is soothing.

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