I am at a loss. My potty training attempts have been far from successful. Spencer only has a few accidents a day, but after the first day, his desire to keep his bottom covered waned. I know things might be different in other homes, but here, we are not a community sponsor of our neighborhood nudist society.

We have had an unusually warm week, so when my skin started showing signs of heat rash the other day, I didn’t think much of it. After an unusually stressful day with Spencer, combined with the painfully prickly sensation that heat rash gives me, I decided to duct tape his diaper around him, put him down for a late nap and take a cool shower. Shortly after the shower, it started to rain and so I opened all of the doors and windows and had a nice cool breeze flowing through house.

I was sweeping the kitchen floor again when the boy woke up. I sent Lucy upstairs to let him out of his room. A few minutes later, she calls down saying “Spencer took off his diaper!” Duct tape and all. My skin immediately burst into flames, the prickles attacking the entire surface of my back and stomach all at once. Instead of running upstairs to put undies on him, I walked out onto the deck and stood in the rain.

I have never had such a physical reaction to stress before. As a result, Spencer is currently sporting fleece pink snowflake jammies, put on backwards with a safety pin through the zipper so he can’t take it off. That will be his uniform until further notice. Not great for the middle of Summer, but he is too old for one piece rompers… they just don’t make them in his size.

I am currently taking suggestions as far as how to keep a tiny bottom covered short of welding a diaper onto his body.

On the bright side, the hives on my arms and legs (and everywhere else) haven’t prickled too much today, and so they aren’t red either. But they are still there and pretty ugly. But I dont’ know how to get rid of them. Time to spend some time with google.

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