One of Those Days

So I’ve been having some lower abdominal pain since Monday. It finally got bad and weird enough for me to call the doctor yesterday morning. With a referral from the Air Force, I packed up my brood to head out to Urgent Care.
On the way, the breaks went out in the van.
I came to a stop by coasting and using the emergency break. Awesome.
After an hour or so in Urgent Care, the sent me to the ER.
Cherie came and picked the kids and I up and dropped Jack and Me off to the ER and took my other kiddos to my visiting teacher’s home.
Matt met me in the ER.
After more than three hours in the ER (after drawing blood and a little poking and prodding) they sent me to the Women’s Health Center claiming it was “Lady Issues”.
They told the Women’s Health Center that I “refused treatment” when in actuality, I wasn’t offered treatment.
After a pelvic exam and a LOT more poking and prodding (by this time I’m starving and Jack is in serious need of a nap), the doctor admired Matt’s watch, sent me to Ultrasound, and told me to come back the next day.
Van miraculously works again.
Hopefully the ultrasound will show what is going on, since the pain is just getting worse. Keep your fingers crossed.
And I get soccer mom of the year award for having my kids miss their first soccer game. I figured that since I went in at 9AM I’d be back for a 5PM game. Not so…
Not so.

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