You know those leg cramps that are common in middle to late pregnancy.  You know the ones.  Those crazy painful leg cramps that you get when you sleep.  The one’s where you wake up screaming.  If you are lucky, you can wake up when you feel the cramp coming on and hold your leg as still as humanly possible and your cramp won’t progress to the screaming stage.  But it’s still not fun, more of a teeth clenching, grunting pain than screaming.

I have never had one of those cramps while I was awake.  It always happened while I slept.  That is common right?  Introducing baby number 4!  Not only do I have those cramps while I am awake, but they aren’t in my legs.  They are in my FEET!

9 more weeks.  9 more weeks and I’m kicking this boy out!

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