Our Week in Review

1. We read several chapters of “The Story of the World”.  All about how nomads settled down and started farming, the Fertile Crescent, the Nile Valley and ancient Egyptians (complete with mummy’s and pyramids).  Lucy wrote me a nice little journal entry about how the pharaohs were mummified.

2. A trip to the Zoo.  Always fun!  We were there at the same time as at least five different first grade classes from one of the local schools.  It was interesting trying to keep my kids really close so they don’t get lost in the gaggle of children.  But we were able to take advantage of the Education center (where we saw some plastic replicas and real tarantulas and other fun things.  We waited until all of the other kids were finished so we got to ask all the questions we wanted without being over crowded.  We didn’t take as long as last time.  We were hot and thirsty.  I forgot my checkbook (doesn’t take cards) but since we have a membership, we can just go in.

3. Explode the Code.  Check

4. Lucy reading out loud.  Every day and continuing to improve?  Check

5. I planned on doing more “flying animals” science stuff, but Lucy wanted history instead.  So that’s what we did.

6. Math games?  Check.

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