Out upon a Merry Christmas

Well I hope everyone had a nice holiday. Ours was very relaxing (crazy huh), but compared to my life the last few weeks almost anything would be relaxing in comparison. Our wonderful children are still too young to wake up at 4:30 in anticipation of the festivities, so at 7:30, when it was apparent that Spencer was not going to go back to sleep, we woke up the girls and ran downstairs. They were very happy when two porcelain princess dolls were waiting to be seen under the tree. I was happy with my huge fabric cutting mat and Matt was delighted with his chain saw (grunt grunt grunt). Lucy decided that she was going to hand out the presents. She can’t read yet, but she does recognize names. But Emma is just young enough to know that, even though she isn’t supposed to touch the presents until Christmas, once it is Christmas, everything is fair game. Therefore, most of my presents were opened without my knowledge πŸ™‚ But Mother Earth has decided to play a trick on us this year. All of our wonderful snow melted on Christmas Eve. And what is it doing now? Snowing. Alas, maybe next year. I shall now show you what you have been waiting for

Matt made us all matching socks, we even got enough fabric to make several more for any future children. Aren’t they pretty? They look like they came right out of a Pottery Barn catalog!

Here is Spencer in his full body bib. I wish I knew how to make those when Emma was a baby!

And in use. He has joined the family table. I was sick of having him grab everything off of my plate. Was there ever a cuter boy! (the correct answer is no πŸ™‚

Those eyes! I just can’t resist those eyes!

Spencer in amongst the wreakage. By the way, we put a million toys in front of him within arms reach and what does he want? Sophie’s squeaky mouse, you know, the one that is gross since a dog chews on it all day.

Our new family portrait! My brother William lovingly drew our family. How cute! Now you all know what Sophie and Katie look like πŸ™‚

What Santa brought me. As it turns out, Matt’s one request from Santa was that I NOT get all eight seasons of Charmed. Apparently only one of us can be happy at a time. No one make fun of me. This is my one (okay one of my many) guilty pleasures. I love this show even though it has no apparent redeeming quality (wait! There is the sisterly bonding). And I know it sounds very strange, but it seems to be the only thing that keeps me from getting super bored on my treadmill (there is another one, it keeps or gets me skinny). Isn’t it presented beautifully?

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