P90 What?

Yesterday Matt and I started P90X. It’s a beachbody.com product and it’s supposed to make us superfit in 90 days.

My take on the first two days? If we can keep it up, it certainly WILL make us superfit in LESS than 90 days. Those are some SERIOUS workouts!

We did chest and back yesterday. 54 minutes of pushups, pull-ups, chin-ups, more pushups, more pull-ups, more chin-ups, and backflies. We got all of the goods for a better pull-up bar yesterday too. So tomorrow we’ll be able to use it at the same time (a metal pipe hanging from our ceiling). I can’t do a pull-up yet. But I WILL! I am determined to be a girl who can do pull-ups!

Then after I got Lucy off to school I went for a 6 mile run. I was pretty dead by the end of it.

This morning we got up even earlier and did plyometrics. 58 minutes of explosive jumping, squats and lunges. OUCH!! Thank goodness for no run today!!

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