Pass on the Passy

Well, this morning I cut off the ends of all of Spencer’s binkies (for my benefit) and put him down for his nap sans bink. Well, he cried for 15 minutes or so, then took a nice long nap. I put him down for bed tonight, not one peep from the boy. I’m crossing my fingers that this will be the easiest binkie weening ever.

Speaking of Spencer. It is for sure, that Matt is his favorite parent. They really bonded while they were in Washington together and the boy’s face just lights up as soon as I say “Daddy’s home!”

While we were on our trip, even though she was wearing a pull up the whole time, she went in the potty. I think she only wet her pull up maybe three times and that is including night time. So today after her bath, Emma wore panties all day today and didn’t have an accident. Here’s hoping it will take this time.

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