Picture Palooza

We made a mad dash to the beach the first time the sun made a feeble appearance. The kids were beyond excited! A chance to play in the dirt and mud and NOT get yelled at!

Spencer is not so sure about this water sloshing up to him. Tide was out so we had a REALLY big beach that day.

“It’s sneaking up on me!”

“Hmmmm, it’s only water…”


“Hey! This is GREAT!”

Emma posing for the camera. Lucy wasn’t interested in getting her picture taken.

Surfing with Daddy!

Dad is done playing surf instructor.

Spencer is not.
Oh, poor boy.

Ahhh, home.

The sun made another cameo on Monday.

Spencer found a good hole, just for him 🙂

Yesterday we piled in the Jeep and went to the park before the forecasted rain put us under house arrest.

Shortly after we got home the rain came pouring down and didn’t stop all until this morning.

This park is about a year old and is only 2 miles from our house. Unfortunately, it’s mostly uphill, so it’s not easy to walk to. But it’s an easy drive 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the pic Grandparents! This post was for you!

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