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Pro's and Cons of having Matt Gone

-His pillows are much more pliable and gives when my pregnant belly is snuggled against it
-Matt appreciates me much more when he’s around other people (especially women) who aren’t me

-It takes me forever to go to bed at night.  I don’t like going to bed alone, though since I take unisom every night, falling and staying asleep isn’t much of an issue.
-When Speck kicks the pillow in the back, it doesn’t say “Settle down there.”
-His pictures aren’t nearly as good looking as the real thing
-No one else in the family lets me sit on their lap
-No one to quote silly quotes to
-When 5 pm rolls around, I still don’t have anyone to talk to that wants to talk about anything other than fruit snacks and the potty
-I think about death and horrible things like cancer and car crashes much more when he’s not here
-He’s much faster and can chase after Spencer much more effectively these days
-No one to give me a sympathetic look when I have a painful contraction
-He can wrestle Spencer during Sacrament meeting.  I can’t while I’m this pregnant
-Countless other reasons

Basically, life isn’t nearly as fun when he’s not around.  So I’d rather snuggle up to an unyielding back than a flexible pillow.  And he’s plenty appreciative on a daily basis anyway, so I don’t necessarily need the extra boost caused by my absence for any length of time.

Congratulations Jon on getting married.  If you are half the husband your brother is, then you will make Danielle very happy.  Now I would like my Matt back ๐Ÿ™‚

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