December 21

Puts it in perspective doesn't it?

Give Me Liberty


My baby sister sent this to me.  Amazing!

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Courtney Ahroon

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  • So true! When using numbers everyone understands it’s like people finally have an “aha” moment. Unfortunately, the people in control of bureaucracy aren’t going to cut bureaucratic organizations that their friends run :-). Nope, instead the military has to go down and education and public servants get bullied! Love it! Organizations like the Headstart program gets tons of money to do preschool programs for low income families, that’s great! However, they got to a point where they weren’t getting enough people so now they advertise for enrollment… which goes against what they were started for. So, instead of cutting back that budget they instead recruit people. And that explains the rest of the organizations that work likewise… where’s Bastiat when you need him?? But, of course, the defense budget is too big! (Even though it accounts for less then 11% of the budget to fight multiple wars our leadership gets us into and to defend our nation and aide in natural disasters etc)


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