Random Jackness

Here are some things to know about Jack-Jack
– he doesn’t just spit up (as the rest of my kids did), but he SPITS up.  As in, he’ll give it a little extra “phuah” so that he can get it all over my foot when Matt is holding him five feet away.

– Lucy singing “I Know that my Savior Loves Me” is 
the one sure fire way to get him to calm down enough to sleep
– he loves sleeping on his daddy’s chest

– baths and showers are his favorite thing next to eating
– he sounds like a car trying to start when he’s waking up
– he hums while he is falling asleep
– Spencer calls him “my friend Jack”
Just keepin’ it real.

He didn’t love this morning’s impromptu photo session, though as you can see from some of the nicer pictures, he did accept it after a while.  I didn’t want to pay $100 when I figured I could do it.  Ignore the watermark (which stands for My Ordinary, Everyday, Happily Ever After), it’s just an attempt to keep people from stealing my goods.

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