1. Thanks to P90X, I can now do multiple push ups in a row. REAL pushups. Not girlie ones.
2. The Majestic has to be the BEST Jim Carry movie of all time. We watched it again tonight and it never gets old. I love that he is a “normal” guy and I love the message of that movie!
3. Spencer has called me Courtney (Coat-nee) a few times in the last few days.
4. I worked out so hard on Friday morning, that I am STILL sore.
5. Matt looks really sexy on his new motorcycle
6. Spencer calls motorcycles “daulkles” and he loves them.
7. Lucy likes to make up her own math worksheets and then do them.
8. Emma is a little cross eyed, and it is very endearing.
9. I have the conversation “you only need to say ‘so’ and ‘very’ ONE time to get your point across” with Lucy at least twice a week.
10. We didn’t do any normal 4th of July activities except eating hotdogs and chips.

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