So, I’m having a bit of problems with Lucy’s reading.  I’ll be honest, I don’t know what a 7 year old level of reading is like.  Explode the Code works well for her too, but while it is great for phonics, not so well at developing speed.  She also tends to just guess at the words rather than sounding them out.

But as I just dropped a bundle on new math curriculum, I wasn’t about to start replacing our reading curriculum as well.  Especially because ETC is doing so well with Emma (my reluctant learner).

So I was wondering maybe about some readers that Lucy could start on to help her practice, but we have SO many books and I really don’t want to get more when we haven’t read all of the one’s we have.

So what I could do to help Lucy read a little bit faster?  Then I remember lots of stories about how people were able to learn another language much faster and easier by reading the Book of Mormon.  I figured that there was no reason why the same principle couldn’t apply to a child learning how to read better in her native language.

So I plopped her down at the table with my quad.  She read out loud to me while I made lunch.  Only one verse, but with all of those long words, I figured that was enough.  Then when she was done I gave her some lined paper and had her copy the verse down.  Her handwriting is very good already.  What better way to refine her reading then by having her read the words of the Prophets and the Lord.  And to top it off, she gets in her daily scriptures study.

Now we are off to go swim in our friend’s pool.  Have I mentioned I love it here?  Not only have I made a few friends, but I even have one that calls ME.  Her five kids are ages 1 1/2 to 10 and all of the kids get along really well.  No awkward moments in conversation and I don’t feel like an idiot whenever I open my mouth.  Her husband is an Opthamologist (no spelling suggestions, so sorry if I missed that one) and he and Matt seem to get along and have fun whenever they get together as well.  Which unfortunately doesn’t happen as often as we would like.  The only bad part is that they live across town (and so are in the other ward) and they aren’t military, so getting them on base is kind of a hassle, but totally worth it.

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