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Ready, Fire, Aim – Business Balance and lessons from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

You may or may not have realized by now… but I’m kind of obsessive.  As soon as I find something that is interesting, I completely immerse myself in that thing, learn everything possible, and then drop it like a hot potato.

But there are a couple things that have continued to gnaw at me over the years, even after I’ve put it away for a while.  Some of the things that have stayed with me over the years are photography, my love of teaching, and business.

You may have noticed that one of my newest obsessions is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  It’s bad.

Back Story

A few months ago, Matt joined an MMA gym near our house.  I was a little skeptical as to whether he would stick with it or not, but figured that he’s been so supportive of my craziness over the years, the least I could do was not roll my eyes.  He went to a few lessons for BJJ and really enjoyed it.

About a month later, we got into a really big fight and things were not as friendly between us as they usually are.  In an attempt to be more loving and compassionate towards him, I accompanied him to class one evening.  I knew that in the past, when I’ve been ticked off at my kids, spending time photographing them really helped soften my heart.  I hoped doing this for Matt would have the same effect.

It did.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brazilian Jiu JitsuBut more than helping me feel more compassion fro my husband, BJJ looked like fun!  I stopped one of the women and gave her my card.  I ended up photographing her during the week and after our session, I decided to try it out for myself.  When the next class rolled around, I went, but this time to learn.

Needless to say, BJJ got it’s hooks in me.  I’ve been going for about three weeks now and we’ve even signed our kids up.  Cute, huh?

I know it sounds strange, but BJJ is good for me.  As someone who has struggled with depression, anxiety, and feelings of severe self-loathing, I feel like I’ve finally found something that can consistently chase those feelings away, and replace them with confidence, strength, and friendship.

It’s weird, but it’s true.  So, when I walk out of class with a brand new collection of bruises, I wear them with pride.  Every time I go train, I’m not only learning how to defend myself from sexual predators and abuse, I’m learning how to defend myself against feelings of worthlessness and fear.  Those bruises are important to me.  Battle scars of the war I’m fighting in my heart.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Business

But that’s actually not what I wanted to talk to you about today.

A Marriage of Obsessions

While searching for all info BJJ, I came across this video by Rener Gracie (grandson of one of the founders of BJJ)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yneeetmig0g]Really??  A video on how entrepreneurship and BJJ are related!  I must have died and gone to Heaven.

One of the things Rener talked about is the importance of acting, rather than waiting for the “perfect moment”.  Or, in other words, ready, fire, aim.  Act and the opportunity will manifest itself unto you.  Adjust as needed.

I read the same thing in one of the articles for my business class this week.  How many opportunities have I let pass me by because I spent too much time planning for them?

I’m a fabulous planner.  But I’m a terrible executor.  I can plan the most nutritious meals, the most beautiful lesson plans, write the best blogs posts, and script the best videos… but by the end of the day, my kids still eat cereal for dinner, can’t spell worth a lick, and my blog and youtube channel are woefully neglected.


Please tell me you can relate.

Moving Forward

So I’m moving forward.  I’m not going to wait until everything is in place and perfect before move.  And I need your help.  I am writing a photography course and I need at least 21 beta testers.  I need moms of all levels of experience to help me out with this.

Whether you want to learn how to rock the camera (or smartphone) that you already have, or you already know how to work it but want to take things to the next level, just fill out this form and connect with me!  You’ll be on the ground floor of a photography challenge that will meet you where you are with your skills, support you in the struggles of motherhood, and help you learn how to increase your knowledge without taking time and energy away from your family!

Join my 21 Day Photography Challenge today!  Day one starts Monday, June 5.  Just in time to prep for summer vacation!

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