Remedial Housetraining

While I was soaking in the tub last night, Matt let Sophie in from her huge fence. Apparently, 1/2 hour after she came inside, she decided to pee on the floor. She didn’t even tell him that she had to go out (she has a very distinctive stare that says she needs to go out).

This happens every couple of months. We’ll think that she is old enough and well behaved enough to not be watched like a hawk and then she proves to us that she really is a stupid dog that shouldn’t have any household privileges at all.

I got out my house training for dummies book and it says that if there isn’t a medical problem (there isn’t), if she isn’t elderly (she’s one) and if you haven’t changed her diet too fast (we haven’t) then they just never learned it well enough to begin with and we need to start from scratch. This isn’t a problem for me since she knows how to hold it when she is in her crate (do you enjoy peeing in bed?) so it just means she spends more time in her crate than in the house. I say lets keep her there until my pregnant nose is normal again and I don’t smell stinky dog and want to vomit every time she is in the room.

It’s a good thing she’s cute. Matt has a theory, the cuter something is, the more trouble they are. This is why puppies and babies (and according to him, wives) are the cutest things ever.

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