Run For Jon

We had a fun weekend. We all went to Peru for the annual Run for Jon. It was a long 9 hour drive but the kids were as good as could be expected.

I ran in the stroller division and got first place in for the women! (I won’t tell you that not only was I the only women with a jogger, but the only PERSON with a jogger!)

I got my very first Run for Jon Apple Trophy!

Matt ran along with me to keep me company, but don’t worry, I didn’t cheat. I pushed the stroller the whole time. Spencer loved rolling over the gravel. He thought that was great, and I loved the way his cheeks jiggled up and down. It was as fast and as far as I have run since he was born, but surprisingly, I am not sore.

The girls ran in the kids fun run. They ran with Emily and Katelyn Mead. Lucy’s favorite part was using the porta potty’s. I think she went four or five times an hour. Emma enjoyed all of the benefits that the orchard dirt had to offer.

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